GWO started working 2008 by establishing an old home in Nazimabad to care for senior citizens who could not be well looked after at home, or those who were destitute. We started very small under very severe financial constraints, but with our hard work and dedication we have built up our old home and when we felt that everything had to be regularized, we obtained the required registration etc. and went through the process of recognition.

We are currently running two centers for senior citizens, one for males in Nazimabad and the other for females in PECHS. We are exempted from paying taxes under section 159 (1) (a) of the Income Tax Ordnance 153,235 &236 (letter attached). Leading TV channels have given us and our cause prominence, and have devoted entire programmers’ to the work that we are doing for humanity.

We would like to help as many senior citizens as possible, but are unable to do because of lack of resources. It really hurts us to turn away people who come to us for help but cannot be accommodated.

This is a request to you to help our cause because God has blessed you and endowed you with the capacity and capability to help humanity.

You are very welcome to visit any of our two premises any time that you find convenient to see for yourself the manner in which your help will be utilized to help seniors in need who do not have the resources or physical strength to do anything for their own welfare.

May The Almighty bless you and yours, both here and in the hereafter

Yours faithfully

For Gills Welfare Organization


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