By the Grace of God we have now set to grow up from day by day with the plan of rehabilitation of our senior citizen at our old age home. Our main focus is to change their lives and get out their isolations and hopeless life. We will fully commit that these people are made aware their basic rights and their voices are heard.

We are very confident that our well wishers and donors will generously donate money, so that we could help the targeted community in a proper and more effective manner. We hope that you will appreciate our efforts which took place regularly. We are very optimistic that during the next year, we will further improve our working relations with these people, so that the core issues and problems of the people could be solved in a harmonious manner.

Likewise, our spirit of universal caring is reflected also in our initiative to help the elderly and handicapped senior citizens, assistance to old age homes is one of the key initiative of GWO, where we ensure the welfare of an ever-increasing number of senior citizens who find themselves lonely challenged and vulnerable.

We are grateful to all the donors who make our sustenance and work possible. We thank our associates who share our passion to serve the less fortunate in society.

And we are indebted to all our team members within the organization, whose inspiring motivation and tireless efforts keep us going from strength to strength


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