Autism is a severe developmental disability that generally begins at birth or within the first three years of life. It is the result of a neurological disorder that changes the way the brain functions causing delays or problems in many different skills. Gills Plans to establish a center Cerebral Palsy (CP) Children to care for them. Usually parents do not have the knowledge or skills to provide the needed care. We plan to care for these mentally challenged children as we care for the elderly.

People also need special attention. Gills plans to establish a residential unit where special skills will be taught to these extra-ordinarily gifted people, to compensate for their handicap. The visually impaired can learn skills that can make them independent financially through technological innovations. Gills plans to have special facilities for visually impaired people. We will organize workshops and invite experts for their advice.

At any given time, Gills has around several old age mentally and physically infirm resident at our old home. Sometimes these people need to be taken to a hospital for expert medical treatment. Some have suffered complications because of lack of an ambulance. We plan to have a 24/7 ambulance service for our senior citizens. We will also provide the ambulance to other needy people in the immediate vicinity.

Will be established for needy people who lack the resources for seeking proper medical attention. Patients will be given free medicines and a doctor on the premises for diagnosis. Later on an x-ray unit and blood bank will also be added with the purpose of serving humanity.


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