Gills Shelter Old Age Home is a charitable institution Founded by Mr. Saleem Gill was born in 1973 in Jhelum, to Mr. Barkat and Mrs. Gill, two pious ordinary,God Fearing people. He attended the Presentation Convent High School, a school run the Catholic Church. After completing his studies, he started training as a physiotherapist. After gaining expertise in his chosen profession, Saleem along with his family moved to Karachi for better prospects.

He gained experience in behavioral aspects of psychiatric patients, and keeping this very practical experience in mind, he established Gills Old Age Home an need for institution to care for Senior Citizen, in his daily practice as a Physiotherapist he came a across numerous Psychiatric and Physically handicapped who needed Professional and Loving care for them in there golden years.

There is a dire need for such places who afford the right Professional Care it is his most ardent desire that these aged people. Send the eves of there the life with dignity respect, Love and harmony.The beginning was quite rough, many practical difficulties had to be faced an surmounted. The first few month were full of hard work, working without respite day and night, to care for the elderly as is they were our own. With the help of God, we preserved, and today Gills can proudly announce that we many full time residents for whom we provide care and shelter.

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